Sunday, May 1, 2016

April Working Bee

April 2nd 2016 Working bee 

The April working bee was a glorious sunny autumn morning. Attendance was great and much was achieved, including another clean out of the shed…

…thank you Lydia and Janet!!

After general revulsion at the sight of masses of crawly creatures in our compost bins, Jess educated us regarding the wonderful work that black soldier fly larvae (Hermetia illucens) do in breaking down waste…

Our enthusiastic larvae at work…

Thanks Jess!

Our new young and enthusastic member Michael did great work up the ladder pruning…

…with mum Cathy, Cassie (and Fish) supervising!

Chula hard at work in the Root Bed…

Whilst Wade had his hands full…

Kati and new “Seed King” Paul worked hard on the Twig Bed…

And “Worm Farm Queen” Vinita brought new pup Apple along….

By the end of the Bee the Garden (and Shed) looked spick and span – as well as verdant! Great work all.

See you at the May Bee on Saturday 7th!

Tuesday, February 9, 2016

February Working Bee!

Lots of action on an overcast, steamy but ultimately rewarding morning. With all the December/ January rain and happy holidays (and resting beds) - the garden was looking a bit ... tropical ... when we turned up for Feb working bee.

Two main jobs were clearing and composting! But there was also cuteness, reunions and fantastic eating and community!

The clearing ... 

The composting ... (3-days on, expect the good burghers of Redfern still smelling it's richness)

Some cuteness ... 

Happy reunion ... welcome back Janet, little Janet and (ooooh) the vampire!

FANTASTIC catering ... the Main Bed set a new standard. Thank you Main Bed!

And finally, our community: 

Sunday, December 6, 2015

Happy Christmas Bee at JSRCG

What a happy little celebration at JSRCG's Christmas Party on Saturday 5 December - the weather, food & companionship couldn't have been more perfect!

But first, a little gardening action ...

and watering ...

and harvesting ...

 admiring the garden's new beauties ...


decorating ... 

food delivery ...

welcoming gorgeous visitors ... 

obligatory selfie ...

and then .... party party party!

Happy Christmas everyone!

Thursday, November 19, 2015

2015 AGM

Richard Francis brings the magic to this autumnal salad

Festive colours- flowers courtesy of JSRCG!


Lovely ladies work the room

Richard explains his beautiful menu

Pyramids of food

Dig in!

Deep and meaningful conversations

Andrea and Jon- happy gardeners

Liam, Nimita and Lydia

Ambient lighting

Tam - master marketer, eloquent speaker

The lovely Tilly Hinton, from St Canice's

Tilly holds the floor

Earnest conversation

more earnest conversation...

Is that a caterpillar in my bowl or...

Wade- minuting hard - co-prez's Cassy and Mel, working the floor, hard

waving the paper, bringing the colour, garden related :)

still holding the floor

Jon explaining something and being humble

Presenting Tam's well earned gift


Lavender for Vanessa from Burt's Bees, our amazing no. 1 sponsor !!!
propogated at the garden

Jeanie presenting a gift to our guest speaker, Tilly

Lydia getting her well-deserved gift :)

Jon being presented with his well earned gift :)

Awwww… Mel being presented by Geordie and Jeanie
with her gift for so many years of wonderful work in the garden

Mel says thank you!!

Tearing up

Presentation to Twig, our wonderful sponsors for five years

The lovely Richard and Rainey Francis.  Au Revoir, Twig.