2011 JSRCG Calendar

Date                               Time                 Event                                    Members attendance Y/N       
March 3                          7-8.30pm        Management Plan**                Highly recommended

March 5                          9-11am           Working Bee                             Yes

April 2                             9-11am           Working Bee                             Yes

May 7                              9-11am           Working Bee                             Yes

June 4                             9-11am           Working Bee                             Yes

July 2                              9-11am           Working Bee                              Yes

July 21 (tentative)          7-9pm             AGM***                                       Highly recommended

*  All other monthly committee meetings are scheduled @ 8am before working bees
** Including development of a constitution suitable for becoming an incorporated entity
*** Including election of the committee

·       Working bees are generally scheduled for the 1st Saturday morning of each month between 9-11am.
·       Education sessions and workshops will be planned and aligned with working bees, if possible.  
·       Members are required to attend four (4) working bees per annum and should not miss two consecutive working bees without prior notification (see MEMBERSHIP AGREEMENT)
·       This schedule is subject to change.


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