Costa Georgiadis gets involved with our garden

We recently had a visit from Costa Georgiadis who was also interviewed in our garden. Below is a letter of support from this avid gardener and sustainability promoter.

Letter of support from Costa Georgiadis - Costa's Garden Odyssey
Saturday  30th October 2010

To the James Street Community Gardeners on the Opening of Your Garden,

Gracious Greetings all ye Gardeners, Groomers of the Green, Growers of  the Great  and most importantly City Farmers. It was a great pleasure to be invited to attend your opening of James St Reserve Community Garden today. While I am in Armidale in person, I am here with you in compost, microbes mulch  and worm wishes.

It is critical that ocassions such as these are attended and given the true value and significance that they hold. To each and every person that has contributed to this garden that you all stand in…from the initial idea, to the hatching and nesting of the concept, to its translation into a plan with real dimensions and quantifiable details, to the specification, its quoting, tendering and ultimate construction, to its incorporation into the community treasure chest through involvement and inclusion…each and every part of the process is important and each and every one of you have formed a spoke in the wheel that now spins before us as a real community garden.

And what’s even more inspiring for me is that your park is contributing to a larger community wheel, building momentum beyond your local community, fuelling the matrix of projects that are contributing to a regional, state, national and ultimately international awareness and urgency about sustainability and our role in the big picture...our ability to impact on the health of our mother earth.

So step back for a second, detach from the effort, the trials and challenges that have taken place along the way and take a look around 360 degrees.. Turn slowly around and look at what has been achieved...take a breath and absorb the beauty that exists in each and every minor detail and  how they combine to create the whole community garden which  sets off with you all today on a journey… a journey that you all will be able to share with the next generation in years to come, as elders of the James Street Reserve Community Garden.

I know I am not there with you in person but I am genuinely excited for what today represents and I look forward to sharing some time in your wonderful new space very soon.  Recognise that what you have done is good for you and generations of your community to come.. Give someone next to you a hug from me…
Congratulations indeed. I believe in what you have done.

Hugs and wishes and lots of worms and compost.

Costa Georgiadis
Costa’s Garden Odyssey


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