Garden Meeting @ Twig Cafe

On 3rd March 20101 some garden members met up at Twig Cafe to discuss several topics in regards to our fantastic Community Garden.

Here are some of the outcomes and photographs to document the evening.

Key Outcomes
A quick recap of what we achieved:
  • Unanimous vote to adopt the Constitution
  • Unanimous vote to adopt the Objects
  • Unanimous vote to appoint Yvonne as Public Officer (contact for the Office of Fair Trading). Congratulations Yvonne!
  • Unanimous vote to appoint Sophie to the Committee. Congratulations Sophie! We are very confident that you will make a great contribution.
We are now in a position to apply to become an Association. We will keep you updated on our progress.

Phase 2 Design
Thanks Richard for talking us through the Phase 2 design concept. Please use the working bees as an opportunity to discuss this concept with Richard, Sacha and Kati. Your suggestions and comments are valuable to ensure we get the best outcome for the garden.

Thanks to everyone involved, this is a great concept and is being very well executed only due to the dedication of its members.

Photos by garden member Corrine Withers


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