Raining Scotch Bonnet peppers

Our garden certainly had a great water due to the big rains last week that flooded some of Sydney. Whilst adding a little to the compost and checking on the garden as part of my daily dog walks I noticed plenty of peppers the like of I had never seen before. Zooming in for a closer look I notice that many of these baby peppers were lying on the ground nocked off by the heavy rains.

So I couldn't resists grabbing all the fallen peppers assuming that it's best to make use of them and not long after had a double hand full. After a quick taste I proposed that these 'capsicums' would go great in our beef ravioli with heaped sour cream spoonfuls as a sauce, seasoned with salt, pepper and garlic.

So quick, cheap and easy the end result was gobbled down with a $4 red clean skin and gratings of pecorino cheese.

Our English flatmate mentioned that she used Scotch Bonnet chilly peppers for Jamaican cooking. More on this here.


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