Thursday, April 28, 2011

Garden Update Friday 18/3/11

This week (1 month ago) saw a tumbler compost bin magically appear in the corner of the yard. These type of bins work the same as our existing bins except they are mounted on a triangular frame and the drum swings on its axis and can be easily spun over and over without touching the ground or the need to get in their with a compost fork. We will be putting this to good use in the coming week. Thankyou to whoever dropped this in the yard. 

The existing compost bins are cooking away nicely in the corner. Next time you are in the garden take a look in the bins and you will easily notice the heat they are generating. Active compost with the correct Nitrogen to Carbon ratio is capable of reaching 55 Celsius (130 Fahrenheit) and has been used on a larger scale to heat hot water for domestic use. For our setup though this heat helps break down the material into great compost.  

A word of warning.. I have removed several used needles from the undergrowth of the large middle bed this week. As always please be extra careful when working in the soil and if you find a needle please make whoever maybe working with you in the garden aware of it and using a garden spade or secateurs carefully remove it from the beds and place it in the bin. 

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