Green Beans yum!

There are heaps of green beans at the moment so we grabbed a handful to have with steak and veg tonight. Still not sure what the produce protocol is but we only ever grab a small portion of only ripe or fallen produce and make sure there is some for the next person. Some local non-members have been carefully grabbing some herbs etc but we've also lost some produce before it's ripe etc. Still early days for the garden and it seems members are happy with how things are going but feel free to comment below on with a suggestion. I'm still up for the informal evening drinks and produce chat every Wednesday or thursday eve?   


Two questions:

1. What are the snow pea-like beans growing in the big bed? I cooked a couple but they were quite bitter and hairy!
2. Speaking of snow peas...does anyone have any spare seeds and/or seedlings?

Thanks, Lydia

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