Meet our new members

We were delighted to welcome new members to our garden at Saturday's working bee. After a short induction, they rolled up their sleeves and got to work. We were all impressed with their enthusiam and hard work to help build our retaining wall.

They may have thought they would be pruning, weeding or watering but instead were shovelling gravel and hauling sleepers! Max and Cleo did a fantastic job digging a big hole for our new rhubarb patch, after they had finished shovelling alot of the gravel.

Our new members will be assigned to bed teams during our next working bee, when they will have the opportunity to start gardening.

Photos - Left to Right:

1. Madeleine, Robyn, Rene, Melissa (Eileen not shown is another new member)
2. Max, Mungo (showing new members the ropes), Cleo


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