Thursday, August 11, 2011

Our Garden featured in Children's Gardening Book

The Australian Women's Weekly has recently published "Kids in the Garden", a beautiful book featuring gardening, craft and cooking ideas for kids.

Some of the photographs were taken in James Street Reserve Community Garden.

Our garden is acknowledged at the back of the book.

Internship Opportunity

Leesa, one of our newest garden members, who is currently doing a Bachelor of Arts at the University of Western Sydney, is making James Street Reserve Community Garden the focus of her humanities internship. This involves Leesa spending 80 hours, over the next few months, on various projects to assist with the garden's sustainabilitiy.

During our last working bee, members gave ideas for focus areas. While still being fine-tuned, the short list includes:

- Signage - Anti-vandelism & general education
- Children's workshop
- Data collection - Historic and an ongoing system
- Compost - Explore a partnership with new compost group trying to link organic waste from restaurants with compost systems of community gardens
- Induction process - for new members

We are very excited at this opportunity and we wish Leesa all the best with this internship.

Retaining Wall Finished

Thanks to everyone who participated in another big working bee last Saturday, the retaining wall is now complete. After shovelling another mountain of soil, members were able to enjoy some planting.

A variety of plants and trees were planted in our new terraced area, including coffee, tea, olives (donated by Sophie), blackberries, logan berries etc. Unfortunately, it looks like some of berries have already been taken!

Some trees, kindly donated by Alpine Trees, were also planted including a lemon, lime and a quince. These have joined our existing "orchard", including our almond tree that is starting to blossom and a recently planted blood orange (donated by Kati).

Whie enjoying a yummy brunch supplied by Twig Cafe, we discussed seed orders for Spring planting, a new opportunity for organic material to be delivered to our compost systems and an intern opportunity with Leesa.

Colossal cauliflower

This beautiful cauliflower was recently harvested from the big bed.

Lucky for Amanda and Chris, Jon is not a fan of cauliflower. Using a recipe from Stephanie's Kitchen Garden Companion, they steamed the cauli then tosses it in a frying pan with butter, capers, lemon juice & zest plus toasted breadcrumbs and parmesan. Yum!!