Children's Workshop

A big thank you to those who supported and attended our first children's workshop on Monday...

It was a wonderful day to share with our 4-5 year old members and their friends. Some of the activities included bug identification, composting and the planting of their very own pizza themed garden. They are an extremely bright group and I was so excited to share in their enthusiasm and knowledge. Thanks boys!

I was also delighted to have the Mum's and younger members of the family join us, enjoying some social time in our beautiful garden. We all shared morning tea which also included muffins made from our own rhubarb too.

A big thank you to Nicole and Cherise who volunteered on the day!


admin said…
All those cutie kids look like they are having some much fun!
Nicole Blackwood said…
That was such a beautiful day!
I'd love to hear how the Pizza Garden is getting on.
Nicole xx

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