Monday, September 5, 2011

Great Feedback from Garden Tour

On August 27, we hosted a garden tour for Mosman Community College. It was part of a "Sustainable Day" that included visits to Eveleigh Markets and a city farm.

Tour organiser, Diana Giese thanked us for hosting the tour and commented that "our half-hour with you was one of the most popular features of the day".

Some comments from the participants included:

‘Wonderful to see what dedicated people can create in small spaces’
‘What a splendid idea for the community, especially sharing the produce and getting to know one another’
‘Very impressive and inspiring. I could have spent even more time listening to their success story’
‘Good to see the community is still around and not totally lost. It shows how good ideas and people can grow other relationships within the community.
‘Inspiring to see a well-run community garden with enthusiastic people’
‘Inspiration in bucketloads. So well organised and to the benefit of so many from such a small plot’
‘A social experiment that is working so well. Redfern’s tarnished reputation repaired’
‘So inspiring—again passionate people caring for other people, the community and the planet’
‘What a wonderful job they have done turning a wasteland into a vibrant garden, but even more important getting the community together in such a positive and fun way’

Check the report from garden tour participants, Daphne & Dom Gonzolvez (see slides 55-71).

Photograph provided by tour participant Colleen Chin

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