Sponsors Commit to Supporting our Garden

Hello there! It's your new Vice President reporting from London. The influence of our garden knows no bounds, and I am proud to the sole representative of the JSR community garden here in London!

Whilst I am far away, I am still working hard to ensure our garden is a vibrant, sustainable project.

Whilst you have all been digging and planting I have been working in the background to shore up some ongoing support from our sponsors. The good news is that our major sponsor, Burts Bees, have committed to a five year sponsorship deal.

This is just wonderful news for our garden. Burts Bees have been supporting us for some time and are as committed to our wonderful community project as we are. The local team in Australia and even the CEO from America have got their hands into the dirt and planted alongside us, their media team have helped us with our blog and logo, and their ongoing financial support will keep us in manure, seeds and plants for the next five years.

Yay for Burts Bees! Yay for our garden!

See you all in November.



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