Spring Working Bee

Today was great in the garden. Spring was in the air, spirits were up and the garden was in fine form - looking greener than ever.

There were a few notable events today:

1. We had Russ from the City of Sydney visit the garden with a crew of phographers. They used the Garden as a backdrop to Russ being interviewed as part of one of the City of Sydney's project 'Tales of the City', in which they interview City staff about their work and film them on location.

2. Leesa introduced the concept of the 'Bed Books' - which will be the living record of every garden bed in the garden. The Bed Book will be maintained by one of the bed members - and will contain all the information about that bed - for example - what was planted when, what has worked, what hasnt etc

3. John gave us a run down on the 'Fallow areas' of the garden. These are the bits around the edges - between the raised beds - and they have been planted with a range of annuals and perennials such as varieties of mints and basils, as well as rhubarb which will be able to be harvested - but also species like poppies and salvias will also bring some beautiful colour to the garden. The Fallow areas are an ongoing project which will be managed by John with anyone who is keen to assist.

4. Everyone took advantage of the crisp spring conditions to plant out their beds with new seedstock that had been brought in by Renee. Sadly however it was Renees last day with us in the garden as she is moving to South Coogee. She will be missed!

5. Finally Twig cafe's wonderful sustaining catering provided a welcome opportunity to pause, eat, drink tropical punch and chat with our garden crew and the many locals who pass by . Janet's home baked scones put the cream and jam on top of another successful working bee in at the James Street Reserve Community Garden.


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