Friday, February 24, 2012

1st working bee of 2012

We kicked off our 2012 working bees with a big garden clean-up. Alot of the summer crops including tomatoes and pumpkins were removed, which had our compost crew of Chris, Melissa and Mish working overtime (thanks guys!).
Some interesting produce was harvested, including our 1st crop of horseradish. Kati and Robyn took home all the green tomatoes so they could cook up some green tomato chutney. Can't wait to try some!
Thank to Stephen and the generous discount offered by vitality4life, we were able to adorn our garden with a new Joraform "Big Pig" composter (see photos). We are all hopeful that this new system will help improve our composting system. After a trial period we will assess whether to replace our black compost bins with more "Big Pigs". Compost contributors are kindly asked to turn the "Big Pig" after adding your compost material and some dry matter.
Thanks as always to Twig Cafe for providing a delicious brunch.

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