April Working Bee

Planting winter crops and improving the soil with compost and manure were the key activities at April's Saturday working bee on 14/04/2012

We experimented with planting 2 kinds of grains for the first time. Barley, see above,  has been planted in the sunny bed at the north near the gate and it has sprouted and grown over an inch in just a week! Wheat was planted in the big bed. Unfortunately the wheat seeds were trampled and nibbled by pigeons, so the growth isn't so vigorous . But it is coming through now.
Welcome new members Marco, Casey, and Daniel.
Welcome back Veronica, Silvana, Nicola and Andrea.
Jon, see above, will be working with the new members on the big bed. On Saturday he described the main crops currently planted , explained the way the fallows work and coordinated the wheat planting.

It was great to have so many new members assisting.
Also thanks to Marco for the yoghurt cake and thanks to Twig for the great snacks.

Welcome Raewyn the new Community Garden Coordinator from The City of Sydney- Its great to have you on board!

The root vegetable bed team have added lots of manure and compost (about 100mm deep) to their entire bed to increase the organic matter as their soil has been dry despite heavy rain

Compost was heaped around the rhubarb to give it a kick start.

 Pumpkin- the last of the summer crop was divided and shared
Lisa and Kati from the twig bed pass around the pumpkin

The kids added some great new signs to the beds. Thanks Guys- The signs look fab!


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