Working Bee - June 2

There were overcast skies, a load of horse manure, a pickle taste off, seedling planting, scones-jam-cream, Café Twig’s morning tea, the skies opening and a talk about soil in Janet & Mick’s garage……
Read on….for more details
When we first gathered it was cold and dry so the load of manure was collected and many hands, shovels and the wheelbarrow spread it on the paths beside the beds.  We learned later at the soil talk that unless the manure has been through a “hot” compost process it retains the chemicals the horses have consumed.  Gradually letting the manure break down means it poses no risk.

But a working bee isn’t just work – we’re a community garden – so we combined a bit of both with a taste test of pickles made by Kati and Robyn from our garden produce.  The consensus was both were excellent; Kati’s would be a great with cold meats and Robyn’s a tasty addition to a cheese platter.

The next diversion was hot scones from Janet and Eveline – on a cold and miserable day what could be better?
Plans to get seedlings started in trays and the planting out the seedlings which had already sprouted were challenged when the threatened shower looked very impatient.   We were going to enjoy the Café Twig morning tea with the talk but decided, in the absence of the speaker, to enjoy morning tea.   The official morning tea was delicious. The junior gardeners were very keen on the fresh fruit - a strawberry is just the right size for a little hand.

When our guest speaker Matt arrived we could no longer ignore the drizzle and in much haste packed up and retreated to Janet and Mick’s garage.

Matt’s topic: BACK TO OUR ROOTS: INVESTIGATING AND BUILDING SOIL was illuminating and the take away message was the value of compost in making productive soil. Matt is heading to Far North Queensland to manage the turnaround of a plantation from its traditional growing methods.
We found Matt’s talk interesting and on a sunny day our questions would have gone on and on, but we drowned gardening rats decided to make a break and get home before the next downpour.


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