Saturday, August 11, 2012

August 2012 Working Bee

Brrrrrrr…it was a windy day for our August working bee, but that didn’t stop our hard-core gardeners turning out in force this morning.
The wind had done some damage to a few of the crops and there was evidence of a fair bit of veggie-theft, but the bumper crop of root vegetables made up for it.  It seems that growing-under-ground has given us our best bang for buck this winter.  The North bed offered up an entire bucket full of parsnips and Amanda and Tam were able to rescue a fair number of delicious sweet potatoes from the fallow area.

Our delicious catering from Twig was topped only by the home-made cake provided by Janet – YUM!

The big activity of the day was digging out the floor of our lovely shed and laying blue metal inside.  It was a big effort, and well worth it as the shed provided much-needed shelter from the wind during our brief presentation session at the end of the working bee.  A special thanks to Mel's partner who made a special appearance to help with the shed floor!
Next meet up is our AGM on Wednesday, Aug 23 (7:30pm).  Come along for a really fun evening of lovely food, inspiring talks and the wonderful company of your lovely fellow-gardeners.  Remember to RSVP to your email invitation.

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