Spring Working Bee September 1st 2012

It was a beautiful Spring day and several new members came for the first time. After Janet V. introduced them to the garden, Jon demonstrated the main activities ocurring on the big bed including harvesting some dutch cream potatoes.

The activities for the day included planting spring seeds, ordering the compost bins and layering compost on the beds, laying some pavers, building trellises for climbers both teppees and arches and harvesting crops.
Twig Cafe supplied a great morning tea as usual and Janet complemented this with Lamingtons.

Jon shows the new members and Rylie and Ryan the sugar cane plants.

Janet V.with new member Cassie enjoying the sunshine.

Sacha, Steven and Tom lay concrete pavers to make stepping stones(with expert precision). The pavers were donated and they are being located in the fallows. Once the pavers are set level, the fallow plants will be able to grow flush to the pavers and wont be trodden on.

Yvonne and Janet  and Ryan enjoy Janet's lamingtons.

Mungo and Melissa build a cucumber teppee trellis in the kid's garden with Nicky and Janet and Hugo watching.
Thanks Max for taking the photos- see you all in October!


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