Wednesday, December 5, 2012

Working Bee - November 2012

Well what a day! There was a lot going on in this working bee with the addition of a new Esther Dean No-Dig bed that will soon be home to some lovely pumpkins for autumn and some structural additions to the garden creating some much needed height for our beans to climb. Not to mention a visit from a small group of Native American’s to check out our fabulous tipi.
There was no time to waste as our fearless leaders Kati & John quickly set the group to work. First up was the construction of a new archway for our beans to grow. It really is amazing what you can do with some metal stakes, rubber tubes and some string. This was a great learning experience for some of our less experienced gardeners in the group and definitely given our bed teams some food for thought as to what can be done in the garden and how to make the most of our space.
Thank you to Richard & Sasha who volunteered for the less enviable job of collecting the manure; this was an essential ingredient for our Esther Dean No-Dig bed, the home for our soon to be pumpkin patch. Who would have thought a lasagne of newspaper, hay, manure and some rock dust for seasoning would create such a nutrient-rich soil!
And that’s not all……..The kids were also in the thick of the action creating Native American Headdresses to go with our tipi…even Ed the scarecrow got in on the action! 
All in all, a very productive working bee that has got the garden looking great and really set us up for the rest of summer. I can’t wait to start picking the beans and dusting off the pasta machine for some pumpkin ravioli.

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