May 2013 Working Bee

The wonderful Autumnal weather in Sydney provided the perfect backdrop for our May working bee.  As always there was plenty to do on the individual beds, but we had some big ticket items to focus on for the entire garden.

First up was a big effort to get some more light into the space.  Our ‘herb’ bed has been suffering from lack of direct sun so the decision was made to lightly prune a couple of branches from one of the trees.  Our intrepid member Sacha did the honours and demonstrated some enviable tree-climbing skills (legacy of a misspent youth perhaps?).  All hands were on deck to trim the felled branches ready for use as seedling spikes to keep birds and cats away from the young seedlings in the garden beds.

 Tree trimming over, it was time to coax Sacha down from the tree and give the floor to John who presented an interesting session on how to manage new growth from a banana tree.  If you want to get fruit, it’s important to remove new saplings (called ‘pups’) as they divert the plants energy away from growing fruit.  It was quite a physical job to get those pups out!

The harvest was a little limited this time around though the North bed produced some tasty capsicums, most of which were gobbled up on the spot!


As always, the working bee was closed out with a wonderful spread from our generous neighbour – .  If you haven’t eaten at Twig café yet then you are seriously missing out.  Yum Yum!


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