Everything's coming up ... pumpkins!

Because of the holiday season, yesterday I watered a few beds as well as the fallows. I don't mind watering because I get to see what's going on. The garden is soooooo lush right now it's almost difficult to really see what's going on. But here's a couple of newbies that did stand out:

Look - the Hungarian Wax Chilli! According to our Head Gardener, this very pretty chilli (which I think looks a bit elfish) is closest to the capsicum when picked. It may have mild-moderate heat if kept for a while, or if it ripens in hot conditions. If Sydney keeps warming up I think we can count on mild-moderate. Hmmm, I'm thinking a nice little jam.

And what about our luscious strawberries, which along with cherry tomotoes are in abundance. Honestly, I've never tasted anything like them - sweet, sweet sweet - I guess it's because they haven't seen the inside of a supermarket or fridge - and they won't whilst I'm around either - they are too, too good!

And looky what's shooting up in the root bed, and the Twig bed also:

Regretably, seems our neighbours have noticed as well because there's been some stripping of the, not quite ripened, corn. Personally, I hope the thieves get BIG stomach aches.

And look at these babies, flourishing in the root bed:

Tom said the root bed didn't actually plant pumpkin, it seems the compost made a special delivery ... remember I mentioned earlier that I couldn't see what was growing in our lush garden - realise that lushness is largely pumpkin:

Exhibit 1 - the herb bed

Exhibit 2 - the shady bed

Exhibit 3 - hovering very close to the North Bed

Exhibit 4 - that would be the Twig Bed

Exibit 5 - and what's that taking up a corner of the Main bed?

Exhibit 6 - not enough room in the garden so spilling over the north facing fence:

Start dusting off some pumpkin recipes boys and girls - think we'll be feasting on pumpkin jam, pumpkin salad, pumpkin pie, pumpkin ice-cream at our February Harvest.

Have a fab week


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