Tuesday, June 10, 2014

June Working Bee

It seems that it rains almost every month when working bee day rolls around, but this time, the downpours of the past few days let up long enough for us to get our hands in the dirt!   As one of the token Americans in the group, I still can't get over how we can grow here in Sydney over the winter!

Check out some photos from the bee!

Tom and Callista inspecting their bed.  

Amanda is making sure everything looks good in the Shady bed!

Chris helped move compost around to the different bins.  We are making so much compost these days that we added an extra processing bin to help handle it all!

Tom and Callista helped to dismantle the netting over the arbour.  It was sad to see the pumpkin go, but the extra sunlight in that area will be great for the winter crops. 

Look at those smiles!  Jon and Tracey are having a good time. 

The broad beans in the Twig bed were staked.  

The concrete pipe was fixed up and replanted after a recent encounter with a neighbour. 

Another shot of the arbour team at work. 

We added a new compost bin where the lime tree used to be and had no problem filling it up!

Kati and Andrea of the Twig bed are enjoying the sunshine!  Andrea still can't believe there are flowers blooming in winter!  (Silly American!)

Lydia and Nimita are doing amazing work!  Lots of winter greens growing in there!

We accomplished a lot in a short amount of time and got to hang out (rain-free!) over Twig Cafe's fabulous morning tea.  Chris, our resident MD, gave us a great talk about garden first-aid and infectious disease prevention.  Tracey also gave everyone a fabulous tutorial on how to use the blog.  

Thanks for a great morning!  See you all next month!

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