Visit from 'Gardening Australia'

Costa is lovely, so is his team Daniel (photographer), Gavin (Sound Guy) and Christal (Director/ Researcher). Big takeout, apparently 7 hours of filming results in 4 minutes of television time. Here's some happy snaps from this morning's recording.

A star is born!

Selfie with gardening glitterati!

Interview underway ...

This is what it looks like on da screen!

Filming Kati and Chula

 Chula is a natural in front of the camera!

Kati shows the Gardening Australia audience how we prepare cuttings!

Cute half-beanie Callista!

Chickweed thinning in the main bed (hope that ended up in Herb Bed compost bin)!

TV crew Costa, Daniel, Gavin and Christal.


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