What a Swell Party!

Some happy snaps from a wonderful AGM dinner at Twig last Thursday. Thanks to everyone who chipped in to help make it a great night - and extra special thanks to our hosts Rainey and Richard, who provided not only an excellent meal, but set up a great atmosphere.

Guest speaker, Nick Ritar from Milkwood Permaculture gave us some great information on mushroom growing, as well as a very generous gift to use at our open day.

Just a reminder, the new committee:
Andrea (Twig), Cassie (Pipes), Jon (Main), Lydia (Herb), Mel (Pipes), Stephen (North), Tracey (Herb), Wade (Root)

President (Joint): Cassie and Mel
Communications: Tracey
Head Gardener: Jon
Treasurer: Lydia

Also, a big thank you to all committee members from 2013/14 including:
Kati, Stephen, Nicola, Jon, Mel, Lydia, Patrick, Wade and Tracey

 Our newest members

 Cute shirts!

 Tom and Callista

 3/4 of the Root Bed

 Big smiles!

 Katherine and Rachel

 Nick and Jon

 Nimita and her charming partner (sorry, sorry forgotten his name, but he's lovely!)

Herb bed queens!

 Kati and Evelyn

 Evelyn and Theresa

 Paul and Lydia

 Mel and Ian

Veronica from the Block

 Chris and Larry

 Patrick and Peter

 Stephen and George

Kati talking through nominations

Our new and old president(s)

 Nick talking mushrooms

 Thank you Rainey and Richard!

 Tamara talking sponsorship!

 I'm so excited! And I just can't hide it!

The two new prez's!


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