Saturday, April 18, 2015

Peas are perfect!

There's a lot of action happening in the Main bed, where amongst his many plants, Jon's growing some sugar snap peas. 

At last week's Bee he talked about the some of the good reasons to grow peas.

Quality seedlings, fertile soil, a sunny position and a solid trellis are a good start, and with regular watering and good sunshine will help the easy going vegetable to flourish. But Jon's got some recommendations:

Once the seedlings are established as plants, Jon suggests picking the tips to help the plant bush out and become more productive. The tips are sweet and yummy - and if you actually get them home, they're a lovely addition to salads.

Once the pods emerge, for a short period they can be picked, and eaten in much they same way as you'd use snow pleas. Again, that small early harvesting supports vigourous growth. However, the period for eating the pods is quite short: when the peas begin to develop inside the pods, they became quite floury and not so tasty.

Then, there's of course pea-harvesting time. With all the tipping and early harvesting, there should be a bumper crop of snow peas this autumn.

And finally, when we've had our fill and there's no more peas to be got, Jon recommends till the remains of the plant into the soil as it's a rich source of nitrogen - and, he'll be able to resow the bed for a spring crop.

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