Tuesday, October 13, 2015

Parisien community garden visited by Lydia

Here are some pics of a very cute community garden I came across in the 3rd arrondissement in the heart of Paris! It's called the Potager des Oiseaux, which means 'The Birds' Vegetable Garden'. I met a few gardeners there on a sunny Sunday eating lunch. The set up is very similar to ours - shared beds and harvest. It's locked up during the week from the public but is opened every Sunday for public viewing as it's next to the market called Les Enfants Rouges (named for a former orphanage where the children wore red jackets).
Here's an email I received from Bruno, one of the gardeners!

Thanks Lydia for your curiosity and shared interest : we are always happy to meet our counterparts from all over the garden world, be it down under...
our blog is 
we keep it up to the best of our ability and we run a FB page under the name of the garden :
we intend to check on your garden and 
exchange ideas of all kinds on garden life and as you say greening the city.
Bruno (the man eating at a small table with another)

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