About JSR Community Garden

The James Street Reserve Community Garden is a produce garden with a focus on sustainable living in the inner city. We are supported by the City of Sydney council and local businesses but its the local members that actually do all the gardening and reap the rewards socially and physically.

Garden Vision
The James Street Reserve Community Garden Incorporated (JSRCGI) aims to create and maintain a community garden within the James Street Reserve at Redfern, New South Wales, Australia.  The garden should be a space which is ever evolving, attractive, safe and welcoming.  Such a garden should encourage community spirit, facilitate learning and information exchange and act as a role model.

Garden overview  
Address: Closed section of James Street between Marriott Street and Young Lane
Garden Size: 241 m2
Established: August 210
Garden Model: Bed teams with shared harvest
Garden Design: Circular raised beds. To see the garden design click here.
Number of members: 39
Size of committee: 7 members
Working bees: 1st Saturday of every month, 9am-11am

Local History

James Street Reserve stands on land occupied for thousands of years by the Cadigal people. More information on the Aboriginal history of Sydney can be found on the City of Sydney's website at www.cityofsydney.nsw.gov.au/barani/themes/theme1.htm 

In 1822 the British colonial government granted 185 acres of land, including the area James Street Reserve stands on, to Edward Smith Hall. The grant was subdivided in 1831 and bought by John Baptist as part of his nursery. By 1890 Wunderlich pressed metal ceilings were manufactured here and were installed in suburb houses, business premises and the Sydney Town Halls Centennial Hall. Wundderlicht produced a wide range of other metal goods including kitchen sinks. The Wunderlicht factory closed in 1972 and was demolished in 1980 for the construction of Redfern Mall shopping center. The centre's name was changed to Surry Hills Shopping Village in 1988.

Evolution of the Garden
Click here for a full overview of James Street Reserve Community Garden.

Interested in Joining?
Visit Member Information for more details on membership.  Then email us jsrcommunitygarden@gmail.com if you are interest in becoming a member.