Member Information

Interested in Joining? 
There are about 30 members of James Street Reserve Community Garden. The annual membership fee is $25 and members are expected to participate in a minimum of six working bees per annum and contribute to the maintenance of the garden between working bees.
Members can be allocated to shared beds or their own plot.
Please contact us if you would like to find out more about joining.

Our Committee 

Our garden has a committee of 7 members. Initially, the committee had responsibility for all decision making, planning and all non-gardening activities. Members are taking more responsibilities for the broader management of the garden, which allows the committee to assume its constitutional role of overall governance. With the exception of one committee member, who was elected at our Special Meeting (May 3, 2011), the current committee is comprised of the garden’s founding members.

Going forward, elections for the committee will be held at each Annual General Meeting.

Our Constitution provides the legal framework for our garden. It was developed as a requirement from the Office of Fair Trading in becoming incorporated.

Click here for a copy of our Constitution, which was unanimously accepted at our first Special Meeting on Members in March 2011 (Click here for a copy of the Special Meeting minutes).

Garden Plan 

During our first Special Meeting of members, we commenced the development of our Garden Plan, based on our Garden Objectives.

A group of members then formed a working party to progress its development

The purpose of this Garden Plan is to assist in the effective management of the James Street Reserve Community Garden. The garden plan covers both gardening and non-gardening related topics, including:

            •           Governance
            •           Membership
            •           Gardening
            •           Financial
            •           Social

A list of job roles, their responsibilities and the current job holder is also contained in this Garden Plan.  

This Garden Plan compliments the James Street Reserve Community Garden Constitution, which is the legal framework for our association that details its overarching governance.

The Garden Plan is an evolving document that will be updated to reflect the changing needs of the garden.  

Key working bee activities are now recorded as a post on this blog. 

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